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A new generation of air quality sensors advances integrated industrial automation solutions while dramatically lowering power consumption. Their small size, low cost, and low power bring benefits and expand applications..
Wi-Fi has become the world’s “go-to” wireless technology for everything from cellular backhaul to Internet streaming, creating a signal environment so dense that it has made operation at 2.4GHz almost impossible in some places. Fortunately, the IEEE 802.11ax standard coming this year should allow Wi-Fi to keep up with the demand....
Today’s automotive and industrial applications demand electronic solutions that provide high efficiency, high frequency, and low electromagnetic interference (EMI). Leading edge components, like switching regulators and power inductors, are products that work together to deliver the low EMI solution you need....


Collaborative robots are light, inexpensive industrial robots designed to fill in gaps and work closely with humans to bring automation to tasks that had previously been completed solely with manual labor.
When we think of service robots, we often think of toys and novelty devices; however, with roots in engineering and automation, today’s service bots are making life and work easier.
Robotics used to augment human capabilities have come a long way since the invention of the semiconductor over 50 years ago.